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Disha, 22, is a postgraduate in public health and is pursuing her Phd in LifeSkills. She lives in Dehradoon, loves long walks and enjoys listening to music! The coolest Trusted Adult in India, she will answer all your queries on All Things Teen! So fire them away!

My parents want me to be a doctor while I want to be a fashion designer. Should I talk to them about it? Siya, 15, Gurgaon.

My friends make fun of my fashion sense. I try to laugh it off but it really hurts my feelings. What should I do? Trisha, 16, Bhopal....

Disha, should I get a tattoo? My parents will freak out but I want to get one so badly. Vasu, 15, Gurgaon.

Hey Disha. My parents always compare me to other kids of my age, I’m so tired of it. What should I do? Arsh, 14, Lucknow.

Do you want to get home a puppy so badly but you parents don't agree? TeenBook is here to help!

Hey Disha, my mom scolded me a lot when she found out I have a boyfriend. I am so sad and don’t understand what to do! Drishti, 16....

Mom scolded when she found out about my bf |TeenBook Mom scolded when she found out about my bf |TeenBook

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Do you have a huge crush on a cute guy in my class.? How can you approach him? Ask Disha on Teenbook.

Does everyone at school teases you saying you behave like a girl because you play badminton and dodgeball and participate in home...

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